The future of retail payments is here…

Get paid on time, every time with Atoa’s fast, fair and secure payments. Low fees and instant settlement, directly from your customer’s bank app.

Flexible payments to suit you and your customers

Atoa Business helps remove the hurdles that get in the way.

Let customers skip long queues for the card machine with QR code payments. They simply scan to pay directly from their bank account in seconds.

Customers wanting to reserve stock or pay in advance? Payment links were made for you. They’re easy to track and you can send guilt-free nudges using Atoa’s phone number.


Funds land faster than you can say kerching

Customers pay you directly from their bank app with a face or fingerprint scan. It’s the fastest, fairest, and most secure way to accept payments.

Plus, funds land in your linked bank account within seconds.


Accepting large payments?

Atoa caps transaction fees at £10, saving you money. The customer pays directly from their bank app, making chargeback a thing of the past.


Ready to ditch the steep fees?

See how Atoa compares to other leading payment providers. You’re in for a surprise…

In person transaction fee
Remote transaction fee
Machine fee
Minimum monthly fee
Commitment period
Time to receive your money
How much could you save
per transaction with Atoa?
Atoa logo
Sumup logo
£39 + (one off)
1-3 days
Save at least 1.09%more per transaction with Atoa
IZettle Logo
£39 + (one off)
1-2 days
Save at least 1.15%more per transaction with Atoa
dojo logo
1.4% + 5p
1.4% + 5p
£39 + (one off)
6 months
Next day
Save at least 0.8%more per transaction with Atoa

*All prices taken from competitor websites. Comparison correct as of February 2023 for businesses earning less than £100,000p/a

No more waiting in line

Download Atoa Business and get 14 days of completely free payments. After that, you’ll pay a maximum of 0.6% per transaction, billed monthly.


Scan this code to download
the Atoa Business app

Happy customers

With Atoa, we’ve totally cut out the card companies fees

Mikey T,



We have been using Atoa payments in our retail shop for the past month. It works very well for us and saves us a lot of money. We were also surprised how customers take to it so enthusiastically.

This has saved me a tonne of money

Ben McG,



This has saved me a tonne of money and is a taste of the future… Their merchant team have been responsive to feedback and they keep adding new features. Loving it and hope to ditch my card terminal altogether!!

Atoa is a great alternative to cards.

Phil B,



Aside from the obvious lower costs versus cards, Atoa has really helped me with managing cashflow better. I get the money in my bank account instantly rather than in 2-3 days, this means I can pay staff and bills faster. I am so so grateful for Atoa.

Atoa helps with cashflow alot… I am so so grateful.

Maria H,



These guys have cut my card fees by 50%! Very easy process for both customers and staff. Customer service is excellent.

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