How Atoa works


Scan the QR Code

Scan the QR code on the stand or screen and approve the amount due


Select your Bank

Choose your bank app from the list provided so we can redirect you to pay


Send the payment!

Check and approve the transaction in your bank app using face or fingerprint ID

Customers who pay the Atoa way make life easier

Imagine a checkout process where your customers simply scan a QR code and their payment is processed instantly. No more waiting in line. No more fumbling for cash or cards. No more headaches for your staff.

Supported Banks

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I just listen for the kerching!

When customers pay with Atoa In-Store QR the merchant only needs to tell the customer how much to pay.

Once payment is successful, the merchant receives a push notification on their smartphone along with a “kerching” sound.


Boost income by 5-10% with tips!

At Atoa, we believe you should be rewarded for your hard work. It’s a sort of motto. That’s why we built a Tips feature into our payment flow, making it easier for your business to get a little cherry on top when customers pay you.

Boost income

Slash card processing fees

Traditional payment processors like Visa and Mastercard take a cut of every transaction, which can add up for merchants.

Atoa is different. By processing transactions directly with your bank, we can save you money on fees without compromising security or customer experience.

Slash card

Improve business cashflow

When you accept a card payment in the UK, it can take up to 3 days for funds to arrive. This can harm cashflow, especially if you’re running a tight ship.

Atoa pays funds straight to your bank account within seconds of completing the transaction, giving you the money you need, when you need it.

Business cashflow

Happy customers

With Atoa, we’ve totally cut out the card companies fees

Mikey T,



This has saved me a tonne of money

Ben McG,



Atoa is a great alternative to cards.

Phil B,



Atoa helps with cashflow alot… I am so so grateful.

Maria H,



Other Ways to Pay with Atoa

QR Sticker

Qr sticker


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Phone Qr


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