Boost your businesses bottom line in minutes…

Atoa is an instant bank pay app that gets you paid faster, for less. And because we’re backed by the same investors as PayPal and Monzo, you can trust us to get the job done right.

No more waiting for bank transfers

Customers pay from their UK bank app with a quick QR code scan or by tapping on a secure payment link.

Give your sales game a boost with Atoa payment links, which can be shared across SMS, email or invoices. The result? It’s ridiculously easy to pay. In a click of two buttons the money is instantly transferred to your business.


Forget triple checking the payment status

As well as depositing customer payments into your business bank account within 3 seconds, Atoa sends you a real-time notification, saving you time chasing finance for updates.

Every payment made on Atoa is processed in the consumer’s bank app and protected against chargeback risk. It’s the safe and secure way to take larger payments.


Atoa makes work easier

Send customer follow-ups with Atoa’s payment links to easily land deposits.

Atoa can also be used alongside other payment providers, and we’re integrated with leading DMS, letting you add instant transactions to your existing system within minutes.

Supercharge your dealership by registering employees on the app to take payments for you. You can add multiple businesses and locations and export transactions too.

Atoa Payments

Your money, when you need it

Download Atoa Business and get 14 days of completely free payments. After that, you’ll pay a maximum of 0.6% per transaction, billed monthly.


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Happy customers

With Atoa, we’ve totally cut out the card companies fees

Mikey T,



We have been using Atoa payments in our retail shop for the past month. It works very well for us and saves us a lot of money. We were also surprised how customers take to it so enthusiastically.

This has saved me a tonne of money

Ben McG,



This has saved me a tonne of money and is a taste of the future… Their merchant team have been responsive to feedback and they keep adding new features. Loving it and hope to ditch my card terminal altogether!!

Atoa is a great alternative to cards.

Phil B,



Aside from the obvious lower costs versus cards, Atoa has really helped me with managing cashflow better. I get the money in my bank account instantly rather than in 2-3 days, this means I can pay staff and bills faster. I am so so grateful for Atoa.

Atoa helps with cashflow alot… I am so so grateful.

Maria H,



These guys have cut my card fees by 50%! Very easy process for both customers and staff. Customer service is excellent.

“Atoa is far easier for deposits”

With a little help from us, S C C Leeds switched unfair transaction fees for capped and cost-effective pricing, boosting their bottom line.

scc Easier-deposit with prepayment Easier-deposit with prepayment


Atoa is a fast and secure way to take high-value payments, making it perfect for those in the automotive industry. By avoiding card rails, we pass the savings onto you with unbeatably low transaction rates with capped fees. You did the hard work, so you should be rewarded. Contact our team for negotiable rates tailored to your volumes. 

Using QR codes and payment links on the Atoa Business app can help your dealership collect instant payments with low fees. Payments are made directly in your customer’s bank app, removing any risk of unauthorised payments or chargeback fees.

Atoa deposits customer payments into your business bank account within 3 seconds and sends real-time notifications when they arrive. Your team can up their efficiency and also give customers the high-end, seamless service they’re looking for.

Atoa can also be used alongside other payment providers. We’re also integrated with leading automotive dealership management systems, letting you add instant transactions to your existing system within minutes.

Yes, you can add your staff to Atoa and let them take payments for you. You can do this by scanning a QR code, adding their details manually, or approving their requests in the app. You can also assign different roles and locations to your staff. Find more information on how to add employees to Atoa here.

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