Why Atoa works for bars and restaurants

Tap into the future of hospitality payments with low fees and instant settlement, directly from your customer’s bank app.

Get payments instantly

Deliver relaxed dining experiences by adding Atoa QR code payments to your tables, receipts or self-service kiosks.

Bar and restaurant operators get:

Fees up to 70% lower: Take home more of what you earn.

Instant payments: Get funds within seconds. Scan, pay, done.

Happy diners: Fuss-free payments = repeat customers.

Focus on what matters: Let Atoa handle the rest.

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No more waiting for card machines

No more long lines of customers waiting to pay. No more waiting days for funds.

Take the load off with fuss-free payments that encourage return visits. Plus, our built-in tipping feature lets customers leave you a little extra when they settle up.

Want to add instant payments to your existing system? Atoa already has partnerships with some of the UK’s leading POS platforms, letting you sync up in minutes.

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Atoa makes work easier

We want to make your day-to-day operations easier. From food trucks to busy restaurants, Atoa lets you do more with less.

Tailor our payment app to your operation’s needs. Supercharge service by adding your employees to take payments.

Use the app to collect deposits with Atoa payment links, add other businesses and locations, track tips, and export transactions with a few taps.

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No more waiting in line

Download Atoa Business and get 14 days of completely free payments. After that, you’ll pay a maximum of 0.6% per transaction, billed monthly.


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Our happy customers

With Atoa, we’ve totally cut out the card companies fees

Mikey T,



We have been using Atoa payments in our retail shop for the past month. It works very well for us and saves us a lot of money. We were also surprised how customers take to it so enthusiastically.

This has saved me a tonne of money

Ben McG,



This has saved me a tonne of money and is a taste of the future… Their merchant team have been responsive to feedback and they keep adding new features. Loving it and hope to ditch my card terminal altogether!!

Atoa is a great alternative to cards.

Phil B,



Aside from the obvious lower costs versus cards, Atoa has really helped me with managing cashflow better. I get the money in my bank account instantly rather than in 2-3 days, this means I can pay staff and bills faster. I am so so grateful for Atoa.

Atoa helps with cashflow alot… I am so so grateful.

Maria H,



These guys have cut my card fees by 50%! Very easy process for both customers and staff. Customer service is excellent.

How Atoa helped Akasaka up their payments game

Atoa’s low-fee payments and instant settlement help restaurants take home more money. Learn how in our case study.

Akasaka Case Study Case Study


You can. Atoa already has partnerships in place with leading hospitality POS, allowing you to add instant payments within minutes. If you can’t see your current system in our list of integrations, let your provider know about us.

Hospitality operators can maximise QR code payments by strategically placing them throughout their bar or restaurant. The first step is to link QR stickers to each table for seamless service. Depending on how your business operates, QR codes can also be added to receipts and self-service kiosks.

Yes. Our employee section lets you add your team to Atoa and allow them to take payments for you. Setting ‘cashier’ or ‘supervisor’ roles lets you safely control what they have access to.

You can enable our easy tipping feature to boost your takings by up to 10%. Visit the settings area in the top left corner of your app and toggle tips to on. Choose from ‘most tipped’ or let customers choose the amount they want to leave. 

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