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Hair & Beauty Trends That Will Shape Salons in 2024


By 2027, global e-commerce sales for health and beauty are set to reach almost $450 billion. I’m pretty sure you want a slice of the action, but staying on top of cutting-edge trends can be challenging as you juggle tip-tier skin fades and soothing facials. So, this article outlines some of the UK hair & beauty trends we saw in the industry last year and are likely to take centre stage in 2024.

Plus, I’ve thrown a few fresh spins on adding them to your salon without too much drama. Think wellness treatments, conscious beauty, and plenty of inclusivity.

We’re also not just talking about the hottest products and treatments either. Read on to find out how the rise of new payment technologies like QR codes can help you improve your salon.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Go green with sustainably sourced pampering

From refillable salon-approved products to eco-packaging, there was a massive focus on sustainability in hair and beauty last year. Salons are striving towards more eco-friendly products, and customers love to see it. Reducing waste and using energy-efficient equipment are also on the rise.

Some ways to approach sustainability in your salon include:

  • Offer your clients refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Choose recycled or recyclable packaging for products in your salon.
  • Try switching to LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.
  • Partnering with sustainable brands that use natural and organic ingredients.
  • Chat with your clients about how sustainable selections help the planet. 

Try to partner with brands that clearly share your passion for clean beauty options for cross-promotion and run workshops together for even more reach.
Make your payments work better, too. Reduced transaction fees using QR codes for hair and beauty mean you can keep costs down, even on these more expensive brands. Plus, faster payouts = quicker restocks.

Inclusivity and diversity matters in 2024

Offer gender-neutral services. Replace gendered services with options based on hair length, like an “above-shoulder cut”. This welcomes everyone to choose what they need without labels. Replace gendered pronouns on your website and social media with “they/them” to show you care.  Finally, train your team to avoid assuming a client’s identity. Practice neutral greetings (“Welcome, how can I help you today?”) and inclusive phrasing when discussing hairstyles.

Use hair beauty and treatments suitable for all hair or skin types and textures. Help clients navigate choices with open discussions around their goals and concerns. Emphasise how ingredients and techniques can address everyday needs like frizz control and dry skin or scalp health. 
Be welcoming to clients with disabilities. Kit your salon out with wheelchair access, including generous door widths and bathroom tweaks. Even minor rearrangements can make a huge difference. Offer “low-stimulation hours” with minimised noise and harsh lighting for neurodiverse clients, and train your team to deal with any complexities.

Wellness-focused treatments and upsells

City centre spas are where it’s at! Focus on well-being across your salon or clinic to meet the demand for well-being and relaxation. Add massages, mindfulness and meditation sessions to your repertoire for a cheeky (yet relaxing) upsell. 

Been giving your clients a glass of wine? Explore healthy food and alcohol-free drink options like kombucha. Wellness is the name of the game, and you need to back it up with actions and services. Create in-salon “recharge” zones that look and smell good for clients to relax in. 

Sustainable hair & beauty trends

Don’t miss a trick. Offer relaxing add-ons to regular treatments with discounts to encourage clients to book extras again. Also, focus on profitable in-and-out treatments like up-dos, hair masks, scalp treatments, and express colour hits like the famed ‘money piece’.

💡 A little payment tip from me here. Make sure your booking system lets you make appointments quickly and take payments for any add-ons or upsells. Why not offer therapists a little bonus or commission when they score a wellness package?

Make your salon smarter with hair & beauty tech trends

Technology like online booking and appointment management systems can be an easy fix to finetune your salon, including virtual consultations and consultations over messaging apps. Online booking = 24/7 access. Augmented reality apps that allow clients to try on different hairstyles virtually without leaving the house are also worth considering. 

Going a step further, consultation apps can help you create personalised recommendations. Plus, you could even develop automated loyalty rewards (birthday haircut discount, anyone?). This one is nothing new, but using social media to showcase your work and connect with clients will also continue to be an essential move in promoting salons. 

You can up the game with your payments here, too, by taking deposits. No-shows cost the beauty industry a shocking £1.2 billion a year. Taking secure deposits using payment links before appointments can reduce losses by 60-80%. Trust us!

Personalised haircare is up there

Salons are starting to offer more personalised packages and treatments shaped around clients’ needs and preferences. This can include AI-powered consultations or ‘virtual try-ons’ to recommend the best hairstyles and treatments. Customers can also explore any bespoke hair colour, styling services or custom skincare routines you offer.

Make life easier for everyone by using digital forms to collect clients’ details and agree to terms and conditions. Using WhatsApp Business in your salon is ideal for that! Analysing client history can also help to create customisable packages and even develop take-home product plans so your salon experiences never stop.

Open banking can help you store client preferences safely, along with their past purchases. You could use this data to build tailored subscription services. For example, provide automated product refill shipping with easy recurring payments.

Remember, these are just ideas, but they’re pretty neat. But most importantly of all, don’t just ‘add on’. Authentic inclusivity and adoption should be at the core of your salon’s culture, not a last-minute afterthought. Actual change involves ongoing education and reflection.

Show, don’t tell. Back these trends up with concrete and consistent actions. 

Plus, you need to be open to suggestions! Check-in with your clients to understand their needs and how you can keep them happy.

➡️ If you’re excited about these trends and are considering starting your own beauty business, find out how to open a salon in the UK.

What about hair & beauty trends in payments?

Open banking’s speed, security, and flexibility make adapting to any trend easier. Salon owners gain business control while clients get relaxing, personalised experiences whilst funds roll in. QR code payments can make your salon flow naturally, from booking to settling up.

Here are a few other ways QR code payments could help you

Easy and speedy: Ditch the bulky card machines and slow chip-and-PIN! Clients scan a QR code with their phone, tap their preferred payment method, and it’s done. No fuss or faffing about. Hair and beauty QR code payments mean no more handling cards or cash, a win for everyone’s peace of mind.

Pay anywhere: Show QR codes everywhere – reception for walk-ins, mirrors at stations, and even on printed invoices. 

Cut your costs: Many QR code payment providers charge lower fees than those pesky card machines, saving you a bit of money in the long run.

Better cash flow: Get paid instantly! No more waiting around for funds to clear; the money lands straight in your account.

💡Plus, QR codes aren’t just for payments. Link them to your booking system, special offers, or even a quick customer feedback form.

Looking for further reading on how to take payments in hair salons? Click no further…

The UK hair & beauty industry is constantly evolving, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what new trends emerge in 2024. Keep checking back for more updates as we hear them…


How important is sustainability in beauty skincare products for clients in 2024?

Sustainability will be high on the list of clients’ choices in 2024. They’re seeking ethical sourcing with sustainable, fair-trade ingredients. Plus, packaging needs to be eco-conscious. Think refillable or recyclable with minimal packaging. Last but not least, clean formulations. Avoid products with harsh chemicals to opt for “clean beauty”.

Which of these trends are most likely to drive traffic and new clients to my salon?

Focus on the following hair & beauty trends to make the most of 2024:

Healthy hair and skin: Promote treatments and products that focus on natural beauty.

Customisable experiences: Personalise consultations and create bespoke treatments catering to individual needs.

Sustainable practices: Highlight your salon’s sustainable practices and product choices.

Should I adjust my stock or treatments in line with these trends?

It would be a wise move if you can! Embrace clean beauty brands, add refillable options, and stock products that focus on targeted skin health.

How can I get my staff up to speed on the latest trend requests?

First up, invest in training. Workshops, online courses, or product webinars focused on barrier repair, sustainable practices, or the latest technologies would be a good first step. Encouraging a deeper understanding of trending ingredients and their benefits can help offer better consultations and product recommendations.

Want to find out more? Book a quick 15-minute product demo with us.

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