Traditional payment methods not cutting it?

Hair, beauty, and aesthetics clinics are often held back by traditional payment methods like cash, cards and bank transfers.


Slow settlement


High fees


Lost revenue


Poor customer experience

Challenges like these can lead to lost revenue and a poor customer experience, which isn’t ideal in an industry that strives to make customers feel their best.


The remedy?

Instant payments

Unlocks instant payments made directly in the customer’s UK bank app

Payment links

Reduces no-shows by taking deposits on payment links

Low fees

Fair capped fees up to 70% cheaper than card processing

Easy integration

Easily pairs with existing systems

Bank level security

Biometric ID removes chargebacks and unauthorised payments

QR code payments

Stands and stickers can be used anywhere in the salon, even treatment rooms

But what about a real-life example of Atoa’s superpowers?

“If I opened up a new business tomorrow, Atoa would be my number one payment solution.”

– Harminder, The Beauty Wardrobe

The Beauty Wardrobe

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