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Get paid in seconds (not days)

It’s your money, so you get paid instantly, straight into your bank account.

No catches. No funny business

We hate long, scary ‘gotcha’ contracts too. Atoa is on your side, so everything is simple, fair and transparent.

Fast & secure for your customers

Customers pay safely and quickly using their own UK bank app. Nothing to learn, nothing to install.

Way lower fees

We cut out the card middlemen so we can save you a fortune on unfair fees.

It’s the fast, fair and secure way for customers to pay

Customer scans QR code or taps their phone

QR stand, stickers, phone screen or payment links. No matter how you choose to pay, we’ve got you covered.

Choose which bank app to securely pay with

They choose their bank app to approve the payment. Payment completes in the customer’s browser. No need to download an app!

Securely pay with Bank

Quick and easy payment approval!

Payments are processed instantly and securely without hefty card fees.

Quick and easy payment

You choose
how to get paid

QR codes in store

Customers scan QR code stands and stickers in-store to make secure instant payments.

WhatsApp, SMS and email

Send secure payment links to your customer.

Show the customer your phone

No expensive POS machines! Show the customer a QR code on your screen for safe and easy payments


No gotcha contracts, hardware costs or hidden fees.


Unbeatably low fees at 0.6% per transaction, negotiable for higher volumes.


No more card middlemen!

Happy customers

With Atoa, we’ve totally cut out the card companies fees

Mikey T,



This has saved me a tonne of money

Ben McG,



Atoa is a great alternative to cards.

Phil B,



Atoa helps with cashflow alot… I am so so grateful.

Maria H,




Atoa is a technology that allows anyone in the UK to pay in-store by using their existing UK bank app. It’s short for “account-to-account payments.” 

Atoa uses the UK Government’s Open Banking network, which lets customers make instant bank transfers to businesses without entering their bank account details. Atoa is up to 70% cheaper than paying by card, and it sends funds directly to the business within seconds. Customers don’t need to download any new apps, and there’s no need to use a debit or credit card for payment.

You can find more information about open banking here:

When customers are ready to pay, they scan a QR code in-store, which starts an account-to-account (A2A) payment in their smartphone browser. They confirm their identity with a face or fingerprint scan in their bank app to approve it and funds are released to the business instantly.

A payment link can be shared over SMS, WhatsApp, social media or email. When the customer clicks the link, it starts the same payment process as a QR code.

No. Atoa uses the open banking network for payments. To use Atoa, both the customer and the business need to have a UK bank account and app on their smartphone.

The customer scans an Atoa QR code or clicks a payment link, which takes them straight to their bank app to approve the payment. Once confirmed, funds are transferred to the business bank account in seconds. This offers instant cash flow and up to 70% savings compared to traditional card payments.

We call this “Instant Bank Pay” but it’s also known as an account-to-account (A2A) payment or pay by bank.

Atoa is safer than card payments. Unlike cards that can be lost or stolen, Atoa transactions are made from the customer’s trusted bank app. Every payment is approved by the customer’s bank and confirmed using face ID or a fingerprint scan, which reduces the chargebacks.

Atoa skips the Visa and Mastercard networks and taps directly into the UK government’s secure Faster Payments and Open Banking networks. The UK Financial Conduct Authority monitors every transaction, and banks handle all funds directly, meaning Atoa never touches your money.

Atoa sidesteps card rails like Visa and Mastercard. Instead, it takes payment directly from the customer’s bank app and deposits it straight into your linked business account.

Search for ‘Atoa Business’ on your app store or click the link at the top right of this page. When you sign up, we offer 14 days of free transactions to get you started. 

Atoa is free from hidden fees. You get the total transaction amount when your customer pays, then we send you an invoice at the end of each month reflecting the plan you’re on. Atoa never charges more than 0.6% per transaction, but it can fall with higher volumes. For fuss-free billing, we recommend setting up a direct debit when you create your Atoa account.